Monday, May 6, 2013

Come chat with a few authors! (sorry, over--but join us Next Month!)

Sorry...the party's over )-:

But...there were more authors than readers at this chat and it would be great to change that so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

This time you missed out on a chance to chat with:  Randi Alexander, Sarah Barimen, Darlene Winston, Duffy Brown, Roxanne St. Claire, Shoshonna Evers, Traci Hall, Elle James/Myla Jackson and Sabrina York (and I know I must be missing somebody but I can't remember who!).  Poor Terry Spear couldn't get into the chatroom for some reason, maybe her connection )-:

You never know who is going to drop in so come join us...sometimes there are giveaways and sometimes it's just a lot of kooky conversation to go with discussions of the new books and the upcoming releases but we always have a lot of fun!

First Tuesday of the month, 6:00 p.m., PST  (sorry, geocentric so I have no clue what that would be in other areas of the world except that it would be really late in England!)


Drop in on the Writerspace chat tonight (Tuesday, May 7, 2013) at 6:00 PST and get a chance to chat with Terry Spear, Randi Jackson, Sabrina York and Myla Jackson and Susan Lyons! (if all of their schedules permit!)

Click on this link (or type in

Please note:

If moderation is 'on' (usually to keep authors from being overwhelmed), readers are encouraged to raise their hands by typing a ? in order to keep the questions from flying fast and furious.  If you have a question, type in the question mark (?) and wait to be called on.  You can go ahead and type your question in the box but do NOT hit send until your name is called.  We usually have lots of fun (and fight over the virtual nutella and popcorn) and the authors are great to chat with, come join the fun!

And don't forget the great Brenda Novak's online auction has started.  Brenda started this as a way to raise money to search for the cure for diabetes and so many great authors and other people related to the publishing community donate wonderful prizes.  I can drool on the site for hours, lol.  Please go to this site


  1. I've never done a chat on that site. I've entered a lot of contests but never done the chat. I'm just now catching up on some blogs and other stuff. I've been so sick with a cold the past 10 days I've barley been online at all.

  2. I hope you drop in Mary, it's usually a lot of fun. Sorry that you have been ill and hope you are on the mend!

  3. I am feeling better, thank you. :)

  4. I'm looking forward to the chat tonight. hope to see lots of people and chat with some great authors :)