Saturday, May 4, 2013

Contests and Giveaways (and slowly catching up)

Don't forget that Brenda Novak's online auction full of great things to raise funds for diabetes research has started.  Please go to this link:

Night Owl regularly has contests on its blog at this link but there is also the Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt at this link which ends May 15.

Romance Books 4 Us has its monthly contest at this link.

The Romance Studio is having a 'Staying at Home' party at this link.
(oops, I got so distracted reading some of the excerpts and commenting that I forgot I was working on this post, lol)

There's a Father's Day contest (among many other giveaways) on the Aunt Maggie Rocks blog at this link.

Adults only contest at the Smutketeers' blog where R.G. Alexander is diligently keeping those of us sad at not being at the RT convention occupied by showcasing all of the delightful titles she and her fellow authors have been writing.  Enter all 4 days but hurry, it ends soon!  Link.

and don't forget Sabrina York's free read (see post at this link)
and the bargains available for a limited time at the Book Lover's Buffet (see post at this link)

Upcoming giveaways:

I am delighted to be able to announce that cozy mystery author Duffy Brown will be visiting my blog next week with a hunger inspiring guest post on Southern food and a giveaway to celebrate the release of her new book, Killer in Crinolines (and for those of you who like me only had a fuzzy idea of what a crinoline's a coarse stiff fabric of cotton or horsehair used especially to line and stiffen hats and garments. 2. A petticoat made of this fabric according to

Later in the month I have the wonderful opportunity to host a giveaway of Patricia Beard's A Certain Summer, a women's fiction title that looks intriguing.

and last, but not least, the prolific Terry Spear is visiting my blog (squee) and I think she might have one of her delicious shapeshifters accompanying her!   (0:
Come visit the Writerspace chat on Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. PST--and chat with Terry!

(aren't these droolworthy covers?)

Meanwhile, I am frantically trying to catch up with just a little of my reading and have just finished Cassandra Carr's yummy m/m erotic romance, See the Light, the prolific and imaginative Cheyenne McCray/Jaymie Holland's re-release of the first book in the 'Seraphine Chronicles', Forbidden, and am FINALLY writing up reviews for the mesmerizing dark erotic story Selling Out by the talented Amber Lin and Shona Husk's intriguing science fiction novella, Lunar Exposure, not to mention Anya Bast's interesting novella Winter's Pleasures:  The Training.  (hopefully, Tammie at Night Owl Reviews won't notice how overdue some of my submissions are, lol)



  1. These books sound so wonderful. I don't know which one I want to start reading first.

    1. p.s. I hope you stop by and enter for the Terry Spear and/or the Patricia Beard giveaway(s)...they are ending soon!

  2. Hope you get a chance to enjoy some of these yummy titles, thanks for visiting!