Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Take a moment to thank the soldiers who sacrifice so much to serve our country and keep us all as safe as possible.  There are multiple organizations out there for those who want to offer support, either monetary or otherwise.  There are letter-writing teams available through organizations such as Soldiers' Angels where you can sign up to write a letter once or periodically or you can adopt a soldier and send letters and/or care packages.

The site has wishlists from soldiers from various branches, be warned, my heart clenches whenever I read these requests for basics...especially when it is for things that I think that these soldiers should be entitled to without having to ASK for it!  e.g. One soldier's request: Body wash, shampoo, and conditioner would be great. Towels, hand sanitizer. Also, due to budget cuts we are losing one of the meals.  
Grr...I would think that they should be entitled to get as many meals as they need, their lives are filled with enough sacrifice as it is!

Operation Paperback provides books to soldiers and they have expanded to help support military families and hospitals and centers for the injured as well.

Wounded Warrior Project is dedicated to helping our brave soldiers who have been injured.

I have participated in the top three organizations so if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will share my positive and negative experiences which have more to do with administrative things than anything else.  One thing to make sure that you remember is that these folks are focused on doing their duty and surviving so don't expect to get a response very often, if ever.  It is a bonus when you are able to stay in contact with your soldier but they have other things that they should be concentrating on and we far prefer that they worry about keeping themselves safe!

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