Monday, May 6, 2013

See the Light and Velocity (Adult titles)

See the Light      
by Cassandra Carr is a yummy ADULT tale.

This is a spicy m/m novella that centers around hockey player Jason ‘Roney’ Monroe and older coach Patrick Parker, neither of whom has come out about their attraction to males, which sorely complicates their growing desire for one another.  Patrick is reluctant to deal with the ethical and professional implications of becoming sexually or romantically involved with a player that is he responsible for helping groom to represent their country at the Olympic games.  Josh is decidedly still in the closet and apprehensive about his reception in his chosen profession if he comes out.  Both men must decide whether their hearts and spirits will overcome their misgivings, hopefully before it is too late for them both.

A sensual m/m romantic tale that combines the excitement of the world of hockey with the challenges that face anyone who doesn’t conform to the conventional norm.   The author does a wonderful job of presenting the dilemma that each man faces as well as the frequently harsh censure that they may have to overcome from family, friends and colleagues, let alone strangers.  The sizzling attraction between the two men and the lengths that they go to, first to avoid one another and then to find a way to deal with their lust for each other is deftly portrayed and the deepening of the relationship is delightful to watch.  It is wonderful to see that there are some mature people in this couple’s world who are supportive and accepting even as one knows that, unfortunately, this is a work of fiction and real life doesn’t always have such a positive atmosphere.  Another enjoyable tale from a talented author.



My review of Impact (one of her bull rider's novellas) is at this link


is also an ADULT title that is the fourth novella in the ‘Buckin’ Bull Riders’ series and features Paolo D’Allesandro, younger brother of Marco (who was featured in book 3, “Momentum”). Paolo left Italy to follow his older brother to the United States and join the bull riding circuit but he has never felt the same passion or expertise for the vocation. Meeting the graduate student Savannah Harrington seems to exacerbate both his disenchantment with his sport and his sense of inferiority which continues to plague him even more as his broken English prevents him from saying everything he wants to. Savannah’s study of adrenaline junkies leads her to Paolo and neither of their lives will ever be the same.

This entertaining novella continues the saga of bull riders, set after the events in “Momentum” which focused on the elder D’Allesandro brother. Written with the author’s usual dexterity for creating an engaging and spicy tale, this heartwarming story reminds the reader of the importance of being true to oneself and following one’s own dream, not someone else’s. The added twist of the challenges faced by an immigrant to the country gives depth to the story and makes one hopeful that there will be additional cameos by this engaging pair in future tales. Glimpses of the stars of the previous three books in the series help tie them all together yet this title can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Another fun read.

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I received a copy of these titles in return for an honest review.

I was delighted to see these titles offered for review as I think that this author tells wonderful and sensual tales that have characters one can relate to (although not necessarily emulate, lol).  I always look forward to reading Ms Carr's stories because I know that they will be both spicy and well-written.

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